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   Not feeling like yourself?  How about looking for change, or feeling like you are stuck?  Maybe you are concerned or having trouble with your son or daughter? 


   New North Counseling is a private practice servicing both adolescents and adults.  Services at New North Counseling are all about YOU!  No matter where you are starting from, we will work together to get you where you want to be. With a background in trauma counseling, I work with individuals who have various concerns and histories.  We will take time going step by step at your speed toward wellness in a supportive and judgment free environment, focusing on what you want to work on.  It is time to make you a priority! 
    Sometimes adolescents need help too, and it is okay to not know how to help them best. Whether it is anger, mood, anxiety, or simply adjusting to life changes, adolescent friendly services are available.   Children are wonderful, but do not always know how to best express what is going on inside of them.   


   You are not alone!  Reach out and book your consultation now.

What we do:

- Trauma/traumatic event

- Life event/change

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Self-esteem

- Play therapy

- Parenting

- Relationships

- Empowerment

*$30 Cancellation fee will apply for appointments cancelled with less then 24 hours notice.

- Individual counseling ($60/session)*

- Adolescent counseling ($60/session)*

- Family counseling ($80/session)*